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Summer 2024

Bright and warm

+ about altar ceramics

Altar ceramics is the body of ceramic work handmade by Karina Subijana.

Each piece is touched by Karina over a dozen times as it evolves from ball of clay to fully formed vessel.  Karina began making pottery as a way to mark time in the seemingly endless days of early mothering and focus on creating.

Making objects for her home and for daily use brought her such joy that it organically evolved into Altar Ceramics. Stocked in boutiques and restaurants across the Hawaiian islands and the mainland, Karina’s simple down-to-earth work nods to Maui’s landscape; rounded pieces inspired by smooth beach stones, raw specked sandy clay bodies and deep red and black earth tones.

After spending years living off-grid Maui and seeing the impact of our choices as consumers Karina wanted to create a line of objects that was aligned with her values of sustainability, minimalism and aesthetics. Having lived in small spaces all of her adult life, a lot of thought and care that goes into the few items she keeps in her home, optimally these items are functional, beautiful and sourced ethically.

handmade + intentional + sustainable

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