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Honolulu Magazine | Maui’s Altar Ceramics Debuts In Fine Form

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Honolulu Magazine
August 6, 2018
Article by Brie Thalmann
Photo by David Croxford

Helmed by Cali natives Karina Subijana and Miri Sunkel, the little Hāna-based stoneware label has been shaping up and shipping out its beautiful vessels to chic boutiques all over Maui since hitting the scene in 2014.

Defined by rounded silhouettes and subtle details such as graphic carvings, tiny speckles and artfully layered glazes, Altar’s mainstays include plates, bowls, cups, canisters and vases, with one-off teapots and berry colanders fired up every now and then.

The down-to-earth dishware has even been scooped up by some of the Valley Isle’s buzziest eateries including Waikapū’s innovative Mill House and Lineage, Sheldon Simeon’s soon-to-open spot in Wailea. “Things taste and feel better depending on who grew it and who made the plate,” says Subijana. “The object you’re eating off or drinking out of is the next step in the farm-to-table movement. It’s all about bringing more consciousness to where all the things you use come from.”

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